Do you practice elaborate masturbation? Why not?!

Do you practice elaborate masturbation? Why not?!

Elaborate masturbation is not a casual low key thing. It’s a high key thing, and that’s the point! You know all that self imposed anxiety you store because of societal pressure against being “too much”? Throw that away right now! Your elaborate masturbation date with yourself is a high key event, and you should prepare accordingly! Setting aside time and being intentional are two ways to prepare your mind, but take it a step further and start using your imagination.

The Benefits of Masturbation

Cultivating a healthy masturbation practice helps you learn more about your body and what feels good. It’s a precursor for a satisfying sex life with a partner(s) by empowering you to communicate about what you like. W

Sex therapy can help you develop a healthy sense of sexuality and learn more about yourself, your body and how to live your best sexual life.

Check out this great article outlining reasons why everyone should masturbate (it’s specifically geared towards women, but all genders can benefit from this!)