Introvert vs. Extrovert Partners

What do you do when your partner is the life of the party and you enjoy quality time with the couch instead? How do you both get what you want and stay happy in your relationship?

Differing social needs in relationships is a very common theme amongst everyday couples. While one person may identify as an extrovert, the other person may see themselves as an introvert thus causing different views on going out and socializing. Introverts get their energy renewed by staying in and cozying up with a good book. Extroverts spend their energy by going out with friends and being the life of the party. 

While it may be hard to understand for the opposite individual, it is important that find that balance and compromise within the relationship.

In therapy, we would look at this situation from the perspectives of both individuals and try to see where we can change the potential cognitive distortions which may be present and interfering with seeing eye to eye when it comes to social needs of your significant other. Challenging these distortions makes way for a more positive thinking pattern which allows for both partners to be happy and content in their relationship while getting what they want and need.