Damaging Messages in Sex Education

In the U.S., there is no standard curriculum for sex education, with many schools preaching abstinence only or not providing sex education at all. Sex is a fundamental human need, deemed as important as sleep and shelter. From childhood, we learn about (and are encouraged to develop) healthy sleep habits, eating habits and the fulfillment of other fundamental needs, like shelter. When we become adults, we then have a base from which to improve on and understand the importance of these basic needs. Except for sex. Yes we learn about the mechanics, but words like “pleasurable”, “fun” and “consensual” are rarely used in the discussion. We then stumble into the world of sexuality ill prepared; brimming with uncertainty and preconceived notions. But we are expected to perform, be confident and KNOW what we want and how we want it. These expectations put massive pressure on us all and creates more anxiety and trepidation around sex.

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