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Sex therapy with MyTherapist New York is evidence-based and aims to help you create the sex life that you find most fulfilling, not based on religious propaganda or pseudo-science.  According to Abraham Maslow, sex is one of the most very basic of human drives (even more basic than love).  Therapists specializing in sex therapy use this as a guiding principal.  

Abraham Maslow suggested in his Hierarchy of Needs that humans are all striving towards the top of the pyramid, which is self-actualization, which is an ongoing process of making sure the other blocks of your pyramid are sturdy. Sex, a basic human need, is sometimes confused with love and sexual intimacy, which are higher-order needs. Are you fully self-actualized? Not many of us are- which means most of us can benefit from therapy.

Do your sexual parts not work the way you think they should? Do you your sexual parts not look the way you think they should? You might have a sexual dysfunction. We can help. Feel like your sex life is out of control? Put down the "sex addiction" self-help book, and talk to a sex therapist who can help you sort through the noise.  Sex has finally come out of the closet. People talk more openly about sexuality now than we have in decades. There are lots of people who claim to be sex experts who want to cure your sex addiction, porn addiction or masturbation addiction through prayer and magical thinking. Weaponizing your pre-existing fear, guilt and shame surrounding sex makes millions and sells newspapers. Although there is no license for sex therapy, look for ABS Certified Clinical Sexologists or AASECT Certified Sex Therapists. Sex therapy is talk therapy. Conversion therapy is not therapy at all.

Why do you go to a sex therapist?

Issues ranging from working out guilt surrounding masturbation, sexual fantasies, porn, fetishes, dating, sexual identity, gender identity, relationship style, infidelity issues (and often the desire to be consensually non-monogamous) to sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, painful sex, difficulties become aroused, difficulties achieving or maintaining erections, difficulties with vaginal lubrication, difficulties reaching climax, delayed ejaculation (taking too long to cum)

Who Goes to Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is as fitting for singles or relationships across the lifespan. Sex is a basic human drive, yet sexuality conflicts affect people from birth to death. And not just in New York.

What Happens in Sex Therapy?

  1. Permission

  2. Broadening your Limited Information about sex

  3. Specific Suggestions & Exercises to try at home

  4. Intensive Therapy

    This model is called the Plissit Model of Sex Therapy.


All clinicians trained and supervised by certified sex therapist, certified clinical sexologist, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed mental health counselor



Here's a great explanation from AASECT, the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists:

AASECT requires sexuality counselors and sex therapists to fulfill specific and rigorous training requirements in order to become certified and use the title of sex therapist. AASECT Certified Sex Therapists are mental health professionals, trained to provide in-depth psychotherapy, who have specialized in treating clients with sexual issues and concerns. They are either licensed, or in the absence of required licensure, they are certified, registered, or clinical members of a national psychotherapy organization.

Sex therapists work with sexual concerns and, in addition, where appropriate, are prepared to provide comprehensive and intensive psychotherapy over an extended period of time in more complex cases.

MyTherapist New York staff are authorized to practice sex therapy under supervision of Board Certified Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sex Therapist, Dr. Michael DeMarco at MyTherapist New York | CounselorsNYC in addition to their licenses or limited permits as mental health counselors or marriage and family therapists.

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